Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions have been updated as of 07/01/2021. We urge you to read everything carefully.


By signing up your child(ren) to the 5TLL baseball league, you are agreeing to allow your son to play baseball or soccer in this league. You understand that there are inherent risks in any type of sporting event, whether from the balls, bats, players, or anything else.  You also agree that you will not hold 5TLL.com, any of its commissioners,  umpires,  employees, or any volunteers (including coaches) liable for any damages of any sort that may arise.

Game Dates

You understand that the fall season which can run on any dates between 08/29/2021 and 11/21/2021 includes a pre-determined amount of games.   In case of inclement weather, medical directives, or field closures,  we may be forced to reduce the total number of games. There are no playoff scenarios for the fall league.


There are no refunds in this league!  The 5TLL is not responsible for any closures that result from inclement weather, acts of God, medical conditions, or any other reason.  If we are unable to play, you agree that it is the discretion of the 5TLL how to compensate all players. Depending on the reason, we might offer a future credit, partial refund, or anything else. By registering your children, you agree not to initiate any disputes or chargebacks via your credit card company no matter the reason.  Should you charge back a fee on a credit card or bounce a check, you agree that your bank should find the dispute in our favor, and you are responsible for any fees that we may incur. If we need to collect the money via small claims court or Jewish court, you agree to pay for all reasonable attorney  & court fees. 


The 5TLL does not allow friend requests for any teams. Coaches can choose a player from the correct age group before the season begins and we will attempt to put these boys on the team. Restrictions apply.  If you placed your child in an incorrect grade, we cannot guarantee placement on any team when teams are created.  This season, we will be attempting to create teams based on locations to make it easier to carpool. There are no guarantees that any player will be with friends or neighbors. The soccer league doesn't have set teams.


The 5TLL tries very hard to ensure that all teams are fair. We use our customized rating system as well as electronic input from many coaches. However, due to the nature of the game, there will always be teams that play better than others. Some teams might win every game and some might lose every game. The 5TLL does not guarantee any team will play well, although at times we will modify teams if possible.


Children playing in the 5TLL are expected to behave appropriately. This includes but is not limited to, not arguing with the umpires, not yelling at other players or teammates, not using inappropriate language, etc. Parents and guardians should not argue with the coach, umpires or players as well. In the unlikely event that a player or his guardian violates these rules of conduct, the 5TLL reserves the right to expel him from the league. It is understood that if a player is expelled, a refund will not be issued.  We are requesting that parents not interfere in any aspect of the game. Should a parent or guardians decide to attend the game and they interfere with the game in any way that the coach or umpire feels is inappropriate, we may ask you to leave.  After one warning, the player will be expelled from the league with no refund.


This season, we are allowing parents from grades one and higher to drop off their children at the games or have them carpooled. You understand that if your son is left at a game and no one picks him up when the game is over, we will attempt to contact you. If we cannot get through, we reserve the right to send him to a friend of our choice. Should we need to send him to a friend, we will notify both parents via e-mail and text if possible. 


Playing in a league requires a commitment. When signing up your child, you must understand that his team needs him. Since the teams are smaller than in past years, if he does not show up, it can cause his team to have gaps in the defense. Furthermore, teams that cannot field six players at the start time, forfeit the game. Please verify that your son can play on Sundays before signing up. The approximate game times are listed in the FAQ section of the website. Should your son miss more than two games without contacting the team coach or the league, we reserve the right to remove him from the team and assign a new player for the team.


Our newly updated rating system will help keep the teams fair. Please rate your children as honestly as possible. You understand that if we feel that a child was incorrectly rated more than +/- four points, we reserve the right to change his team mid-season. In layman's terms, if your son is rated completely incorrectly, it can seriously affect the teams. We will, therefore, have to change the team he's on. This will not happen if you answer the rating questions as best as possible. The soccer games don't have any ratings.


The 5TLL and its commissioners do their utmost to keep information submitted, private. We NEVER will sell your email addresses. We don't share your cell phones or any information without your consent.  We do send e-mails that have outside links to our sponsors, and if you choose to click on those links you will be brought to an outside website. By signing up your child(ren), you agree that we may use their photographs for advertising and on the website. If you want to opt-out of this, please send an e-mail to info@5tll.com with the subject "Opt out of photos" and in the message list your child(ren)'s name(s). Once we reply back, your request will be considered confirmed.


The 5TLL tried to keep the prices down whenever possible. Nonetheless, there are those that can't afford the league fees. We take all sponsorships and apply it to the price of those that apply. Although we do slightly vet all applications, we mainly rely on the honor system.